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US-D683150-S: Chair patent, US-D704813-S: Dispenser patent, US-D709122-S: Eyeglasses patent, US-D712337-S: Wiper patent, US-D727107-S: Clip on shot glass patent, US-D727418-S: Pen for a printer patent, US-D728444-S: Boating accessory patent, US-D732738-S: Automatic hair styling device patent, US-D734275-S: Control panel for toilet flush tank patent, US-D740113-S: Clip-on bonding washer patent, US-D745948-S: Shower and speaker assembly patent, US-D748212-S: Pair of barbell collars patent, US-D748978-S: Sleeve with insert for holding two stored value cards patent, US-D754839-S: Outlet of air conditioning for aircraft patent, US-D759638-S: Wi-Fi access point patent, US-D759971-S: Case patent, US-D761409-S: Scent holder patent, US-D763067-S: Connector block patent, US-D764906-S: Packaging patent, US-D769069-S: Double walled container patent, US-D770608-S: Interface for mechanical ventilation patent, US-D770722-S: Bank box for holding money patent, US-D771167-S: Crucible patent, US-D772905-S: Display screen with graphical user interface patent, US-D773868-S: Table patent, US-D776778-S: Personal enclosure patent, US-D777898-S: Pear shaped potpourri cage patent, US-D778073-S: Shelf patent, US-D778198-S: Bracelet patent, US-D778212-S: Vehicle rear fascia upper patent, US-D778395-S: Projectile aperture wicking pattern patent, US-D779206-S: Mesh basket patent, US-D779265-S: Blender base patent, US-D781041-S: Insole for a shoe patent, US-D782181-S: Single pointed knitting needle patent, US-D782501-S: Display screen with icon patent, US-D782562-S: Webcam cover patent, US-D782830-S: Tissue sheet with embossing pattern patent, US-D783992-S: Shoe upper patent, US-D785389-S: Seat patent, US-D786360-S: Game board patent, US-D788115-S: Display screen with graphical user interface for a document management system patent, US-D789663-S: Shoe patent, US-D791504-S: Character pillow patent, US-D792350-S: Switch patent, US-D792536-S: Golf club head patent, US-D794069-S: Portion of a display screen with icon patent, US-D795374-S: Pitch-propelled vehicle patent, US-D796183-S: Carrying case for medical delivery device patent, US-D797382-S: Bottle assembly patent, US-D797575-S: Clock patent, US-D801804-S: Utility storage base or top patent, US-D805000-S: Four wheeled vehicle patent, US-D805023-S: Tread of an automobile tire patent, US-D805027-S: Battery patent, US-D807141-S: Scissors sharpening device patent, US-D807457-S: Two wheeled board patent, US-D809503-S: Electronic device patent, US-RE46613-E: Proppant vessel patent, US-859382-A: Running-shoe. patent, US-861491-A: Railway-spike. patent, US-861571-A: Disinfecting or antiseptic composition and process of making same. patent, US-861799-A: Measuring-rule. patent, US-861808-A: Telephone system. patent, US-861823-A: Arrangement for removal of rolls in printing-presses. patent, US-861885-A: Folding bedstead. patent, US-862272-A: Field-regulator for dynamos. patent, US-862330-A: Feeding and delivery mechanism for printing-presses. patent, US-862386-A: Cigar-tip cutter. patent, US-86289-A: Facture of phosphates patent, US-863147-A: Automatic japanning apparatus. patent, US-863200-A: Air-regulating device for glass-drawing machines. patent, US-863699-A: Extension car-step. patent, US-863876-A: Miniature merry-go-round. patent, US-864109-A: Beet-root-cutting machine. patent, US-864465-A: Dental filling. patent, US-865424-A: Air-compressor. patent, US-865429-A: Oil-hoisting apparatus for wells. patent, US-865893-A: Writing-machine. patent, US-866837-A: Relief-valve for tension-reservoirs for pneumatic apparatus. patent, US-867037-A: Wire fence. patent, US-867337-A: Beehive. patent, US-867771-A: Dress-case. patent, US-868897-A: Lock. patent, US-869427-A: Traveling frame for side-shell riveters. patent, US-869999-A: Meter for weighing coal, grain, and like material. patent, US-870318-A: Single-trigger mechanism. patent, US-870406-A: Water-closet lid and device for preventing seats from splitting and warping. patent, US-870626-A: Bread-cutter. patent, US-870833-A: Closet-seat. patent, US-871192-A: Outdoor receptacle. patent, US-871385-A: Mold. patent, US-871666-A: Valve for sterilizers. patent, US-872151-A: Dumping-bucket. patent, US-873153-A: System for ventilating passenger-cars. patent, US-873213-A: Dust-pan. patent, US-87461-A: Samuel boden patent, US-874749-A: Supplemental metallic picture-holding strip. patent, US-874911-A: Weighing and can-filling apparatus. patent, US-875670-A: Cutting apparatus for filled-bag machines. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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